|| BE MORE SINCERE | Playing with fire. ||

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|| WHEN TRAUMA FOLLOWS | Self-Blame and Harm ||

A lot of people with PTSD, even though it isn’t easy, want to avoid triggers as much as possible, to let the past trauma be forgotten. At the same time though, they consume their past and let it play in their head over and over gain until they feed the idea that it’s all their fault; they blame and hurt themselves over over just like their abusers did. Rick Goranski (From Be More Chill), had a rough life; an absent brother, a child-beating dad and a dead mother, not to mention bullied at school. Even with Timmy in his life it wasn’t enough so he took the Squip to help it make it all feel better, to make him do better things, tough and popular. Unfortunately the squip’s demands only made worse over the years until he decided this wasn’t right and destroy his squip by setting the house on fire, which he barely made it out alive if it weren’t for Jake. Being beaten most of his life, neglecting Timmy and nearly killing himself, he feels undeserving of love more than ever.